Check out Theth Church

Built in 1892, the church of Theth is one of the most popular sights to visit in this beautiful village. Known for its majestic views of the Albanian Alps towering over the church, it’s best to visit at sunset when the lighting is just right.


The church is located in the center of the town and is easy to walk to from most guesthouses. During the spring, the field surrounding it is filled with colorful wildflowers making the whole experience even more


Throughout the years, the church has served as a church, a school, and even a hospital during the communist regime. It has survived turbulent times and remains a functioning house of worship to this day.


The church is open for weekly service; otherwise, it remains closed most of the time. We spent about 45 minutes walking around and admiring the views. Experiencing it in person is definitely a “pinch me” moment.