Go to the Lock-in Tower of Theth

Standing as a stark reminder of a turbulent past, the Lock-in Tower, or “Kulla e Ngujimit”, is a unique part of Theth. The blood feud tower dates back to over 400 years ago and has a somewhat dark history.


The Lock-in Tower was built as a fortress for men seeking refuge during the ‘Kanun’, a period marked by blood feuds and tribal conflicts. The ‘Kanun’ was a traditional code of honor, enforcing an eye-for-an-eye justice.


If a man was targeted by a rival family, he could seek sanctuary in the Lock-in Tower, a safe house of sorts.


Today, the tower stands as a symbol of the past, a testament to the harsh laws that once governed Albanian highland life. You can step inside and explore the tower’s rooms, which are a chilling reminder of the lengths to which people went for protection.