Visit Grunas Waterfall

No visit to Theth would be complete without hiking to the Grunas waterfall, also known as Theth waterfall. This 25+ meter waterfall falls from a steep limestone cliff into a small pool of water and is worth the hike to get there.


The hike starts from Theth village and takes you along the Shala River for about 15-20 minutes until you reach a narrow, red bridge. From the bridge, you’ll make your way up into the mountain, passing a cute stone house and cafe along the way.


The trail is fairly well-marked with a red and white striped marker, but there are a few diverging paths, which can be a bit confusing. We found that in the end all of the paths lead to the same spot.


The last 10-minutes of the trail is quite steep and there is a bit of a rock scramble to reach the top. Once you make it to the top, the view of Grunas waterfall is spectacular.


The hike is moderate and takes around 50-60 minutes each-way. There were people of all ages doing the hike, so it’s quite doable for anyone.